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About Our Company

NETRO Networks Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions. Headquartered in New Delhi having PAN INDIA presence through its branches and partners.
Netro has deep engagement across a wide spectrum of customers including Large, Medium and Small Enterprises, Telecom Operators, Service Providers, ISPs, Government, Defence and Utilities sector.

Our Directors

  • The Directors have a rich experience in the ICT and Telecom industry. We have an Engagement Across a Wide Spectrum of Customers Including Large, Medium, and Small Enterprises, Telecom Operators, ISPs, Government, Defense and Utilities Sector.

Why Us

We provide clients with a Comprehensive Network Solutions. At the manufacturing stage itself, after considering all such points we still provide a solution that is low in deployment and maintenance. We provide full active as well as Passive Networking Solutions.

Approach and Experience

Why Us

At Netro Networks, we guarantee rapid, reliable and robust information technology solutions that work. We give flexible solutions that are tailored for your specific requirements and scenerios.

Best Quality Guaranty

With more than 10 years of experience in the fiber optics industry, we are committed to deliver high quality services for your project

100% OEM Compatibility

Our products have been fully tested and manufactured to be compatible with all OEMS

10+ Years Experience

Our team members have more than 15 years of experience in Network Industry. Our products are cherry-picked to cater to latest industry requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wide Range of Products
  • Free Consultation
  • Large Customer Base
  • Best After Sale Support

Rapid Delivery

Our Logistic Experts ensure you get your products delivery in fastest possible way.

Certified Quality Products

Our products are passed through a certified Quality Assurance process before being shipped.