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    10Gb/s SFP+ T1330/R1270nm 80km BiDi Optical Transceiver

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    wePresent WiPG-1000

    A basic 1080p wireless presentation system offering wireless screen sharing from any device

    • Auto-on for quick presentations during impromptu meetings
    • Cross platform compatibility, ideal for BYOD environments
    • Up to 4 users can present simultaneously in fixed screen mode
    • 1 to many distribution for presenting on multiple displays
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    wePresent WiPG-1600W

    Offering the most features for interactive experiences; part wireless system, part media steamer, part perfection

    • Greater networking flexibility by providing various network access solutions: wired LAN, wireless LAN or both at once.
    • Insert a USB token into your wePresent to open files, view documents and images, or play audio and video media.
    • Stream video files to the wePresent with full 1080p resolution and no latency.
    • On screen annotation for more interactive presentations.
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    ClickShare CSE-800

    Wireless presentation and collaboration system for boardrooms and conference rooms

    • Wireless connection to central screen
    • Enhanced security features
    • Up to 8 users on-screen simultaneously
    • Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone
    • Moderation, blackboarding and annotation
    • 4K DCI



We work with top name brands like Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, HP, and many more. Our goal is to provide you with an estimate within 24 hours of receipt of your requirement of your network equipment.